Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Integrated Solution Providers

We offer comprehensive logistics solutions for manufacturers and trading companies, partnering with emerging and established brands in primarily, the Middle East and East Africa.

Our extensive logistic expertise help create tailored solutions that are designed, implemented and executed to deliver cost effective business results.

We unpack your needs and develop industry-specific logistics strategies and processes from analysis to implementation, while you focus on your core business.

End-To-End Capabilities

Service Focus:

  • Supply chain expertise
  • Customer centricity
  • Operational excellence
  • Partnership approach
  • Peace of mind

Areas of Focus:

  • Demand Planning
    Identifying upcoming demand is the start of understanding how product flow affects all supply chain functions.
  • Inventory Optimisation
    Reduce working capital and emergency orders, while increasing product availability.
  • Sales and Operations Planning
    Taking operational costs and asset utilisation into account, we find the balance between stock-builds, warehouse storage, overtime, logistics costs etc.

Our Approach


We listen first. We work with our clients closely to understand the business needs in detail and involve the key stakeholders in the solution along the way.


Our solution has our clients’ wider goals in mind. Whether the need is to identify quick wins or design a long-term network optimisation strategy, we maintain focus on the big picture.


We assist clients to identify the root cause of problems, examine scenarios, explore cause and effect impact and more.

Clear and Straightforward

We bring clarity to complexity, extracting critical details from complicated data sets to create simple, sophisticated, straightforward solutions.


Flexibility is at the foundation of our solutions. Our systems and multimodal networks are quickly adaptable to face any challenges.


At Suhara Logistics, we propose achievable solutions that are actionable. The teams that develop solutions, execute the solutions.

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