Tank Container Cleaning

Tank containers are used for transportation and storage of foodstuffs, non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals, liquefied gases and powders.

Tank Containers are also referred as UN Portable Tanks, Shipping Tanks, ISO tanks, Intermodal Tanks, IMO tanks etc. are purpose designed for international transportation by road, rail and sea. They are a versatile means of shipping bulk liquids where a single mode of transport is not convenient.

Our Group has a long established history in managing and operating tank depots in the Middle East and Africa. With our extensive range of equipment’s and experienced staff, well trained in all aspects of ISO tank containers cleaning and inspection processes, we are experts in handling, storing and cleaning liquid chemicals. Our state-of-the-art tank and container cleaning systems for chemical, food, petroleum and nonfood transport containers, ensures a reliable tank and container cleaning demanded in transport / logistics as well as the shipping industry.

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